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when you sleep you benefit you mind and body, when you sleep well you get lots more rested, being rested helps you not getting stressed. when i tell you what to dream & feel its always good things, what every man or womans desires, it will increase you possibility off getting a good night sleep. nightmares are a stress related symptom and by reversing the state of stressfull dreaming, it will give me a two way beneficial sleep. two way in im not having a nightmare and second im getting well rested. the calming voices makes it easy to fall a sleep, when you wake up you will feel nice, else you might need more sleep, try using it again until you are fully rested , then you will be feelling much better.
the plan is to make an efficient sleeping technique and use calming music, such as deep sleep with a calming voice over, and dreamy imagery & a storyline that makes me sleep well, the idear is to carry on an effective solution to a problem or desire in you every day life. the Videos on youtube is always a experimenting face, towards the never ending goal off satisfaction, my releases is newer perfect there is always room for much improvements, the ultimate satisfaction, is not to be reached through hypnosis & sleeping, but still there's lots of beneficial outcome to be made from this kind of relaxation meditation. the content is to be use for or while sleeping then u will see the best effect, the hypnosis is not to be taken Sirius, but for fun and entertainment purposes. an eroused state might accour when using this meditation hypnosis.
what's gonna happen to you if you use this kind of "therapy", is what i would call a mind opening or gonna get more mental awareness, by being more rested and having a satisfying sleep with positive dreaming. i tested the hypnosis on my self many many times, every time i have been feeling a little tired afterwards, but soon to become fresh as a seagull. the sensual content makes me feel lustfully and satisfied with my self. i have no negative things to say about my own meditations. maybe you have please let me know at

by using positive looped words like "paradise beach, warm sunlight, nice clean bed, ect" im making the meditation comfortable. by slowing down the speed of sound i make it more distant to receive and understand the actual words, making it easy to fall a sleep. by looping the same small story i make it possible to give the brain time to make a visual dream or sensing & feeling the positive words and storyline.

Relaxing hypnotic story`s for sleep.

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